And 2 more months passed away,Genevieve was psychically 5,while Renesmee was in the 8th (psychical) year

Genevieve's POV

We were all at the living room.Renesmee and daddy were playing in the piano.All of us were listening to the beautiful melody.I was dressed with a beautiful light blue flowered dress with white cardigan,black shoes and white short socks.Renesmee has done some more bruises on me,so I preferred to hid them.My light brown long bunch of hair wasn't pulled into any hairstyle and looked thick.

Mommy was dressed all in pink.So was Renesmee.Auntie Rosalie was with pulled hair again.

Jacob was sitting next to me and I was a little bit afraid of him,because he was a werewolf and he could turn into a wolf.I was afraid of wolves.

Jacob saw that my face paled and said

' Don't worry.I won't hurt you. '

'I'm...I'm n-not afraid of you ' I lied to him

' Gen,don't lie to me.I know that you're afraid of wolves '

I was shocked.How did he know? What if he can read my thoughts?

Aunt Alice dropped a vase,full of water and interrupted Renesmee and daddy's performance,as saying:

' The Volturi.They're coming for us. '

Everybody turned their heads and did confused faces.Renesmee was in shock.

' They think Renesmee is an immortal child. '

'How could they think that? ' I asked

Daddy held Renesmee's hand,took her out of the room and mommy said:

' I think it's because that Irina saw Renesmee catching snowflakes a few days ago.Jacob was also there. '

Suddenly we heard Renesmee crying in a loud voice.

We ran to the corridor.Renesmee's eyes were full of tears.

' Daddy,Genevieve selved that she hates me! ' What a liar! I have never selved this!

Daddy stood up and yelled at my face:


I ran to my room.It was a simple room with creme walls,white wooden single bed with creme bedding,white wardrobe,some drawings sticked on the walls and a few toys.It wasn`t like Renesmee`s.Hers was looking like a teen room.There was a white iPod nano,stereo,she already had a mobile phone,purple and white furniture and white walls.Everything looked perfect.

Of course she`ll be loved more.She was the expected and wanted child.That`s why daddy yelled at me.He prefers Renesmee,because she is more vampire,she grows every single day and she has a gift.And I don`t have yet :(

Renesmee was acting like a total bitch! I know that I wasn`t allowed to talk like this,but I am so angry now! How could she lie to daddy?

At least my aunties Alice and Rosalie and my mother loved me.

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